The Goldbergs
aboard the Nordhavn 46

During the 8 years we owned Duet, we traveled 10,000 miles and enjoyed the cruising life tremendously. We also enjoy change, however, and decided to move ashore in 2007.  Duet was sold to new owners, who renamed her Phantom, and cruised her from Maine to the Caribbean. 

We spent the next 5 years living the mountain life at Lake Tahoe.  Over time, however, we realized we missed cruising, so we bought a new Duet, another Nordhavn, but a 50 this time.  We cruise the new Duet on the West Coast, and will be crossing the South Pacific in 2017. The new Duet has her own website.  .

Meanwhile, the old Duet moved to a new home in Seattle, Washington.  Her new owners, Norman and Clarice, renamed her Salish Aire.  You can read about her adventures at

The first Duet is a Nordhavn 46, Hull #50.  She was commissioned in 1997.

Ship's Log last updated March 31, 2008
This is the home page of the Nordhavn 46 Duet and her crew; Captain Ron GoldbergOfficer of the Deck Nancy GoldbergFirst Mate Emeritus Maggie Goldberg and Bosun Emeritus Tristan Goldberg. 

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