What Provisioning Really Looks Like
Producing the neat environment in the picture at left takes some doing.  First, endless lists.  Second, endless trips to Sam's, Giant, WalMart, etc.  Third, endless trips with the dock cart shown in the next picture.  Nancy estimates she personally made over 50 trips from the car to the boat, just with food, never mind clothing, equipment, dog toys, etc.
To know a dock cart is to love a dock cart.  They are unstable, heavy and have temperamental wheels.  They get stuck between the dock poles, fill with water when it rains and there's never one around when you need one.  Nancy is saving up for her own golf cart, which at least doesn't require pushing.
Buying the stuff was simple.  Stowing it is something else again.  At left is the master stateroom during a stowage effort. 

The key to stowage is to stow what you access frequently somewhere easy to get at.  An example of how not to do this is to stow the peanut butter under the dog food.  We carry, just as a point of interest, 4 40 pound bags of dog food and 12 40 ounce jars of Jif Crunchy.
Ellie doesn't have to participate in the provisioning, hence her joy seeing the boat.  She does, however provide invaluable assistance on interior design and is always ready to feed a hungry crew.
Tristan after a long day of provisioning.
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